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Won't Stop (Suho/Kai)

Title: Won’t Stop
Pairing: Suho/Kai, Chen/Baekhyun
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 5140
Warnings: None
Summary: “Still haven’t grown any balls to even say hi?”
Author's Notes: My first ever posted fic, originally posted at cuddlybros.  Trying to figure out how to post my other one and link it to a part two.  Sigh.  Enjoy.  Feedback is really appreciated.

At first, I did just see him around, studying at the back, every single time I came here.  I was sort of curious to see him at the same table he always sat, in the way where something wasn’t really unordinary, or unusual, but you started questioning it anyway.  Until it became a habit to look for him before I laid out my books and got to studying.

A braver me liked imagining myself getting up to talk to him, even though I didn’t really like talking in the library, or being talked to.  It just seemed unnecessary, here in the library, to be social.  And I had no idea what I’d even say to him, anyway.  And he seemed like he thought the same too.  Always picking the table right at the back, where no one would see him, to bother him.  I was kind of envious of his spot.

Another thing I noticed was that I kept finding myself looking at him.  Sometimes just blatantly staring, and it annoyed me that I couldn’t always stop myself before I did.

But talking to him wasn’t something I ever really considered, as a reality.  And I wasn’t going to start now.

“Still haven't grown any balls to even say hi?”

“Shut up Baek.”

“Just saying.”

It was quiet for a while, not surprisingly short lived.  “English, huh?” he said, sliding the book towards him.  I rolled my eyes, trying to pull it back, earning a smack on the hand in return.

“Baekhyun.” I hissed, trying to keep my voice down.  He barely glanced at me, before he pushed it back, one hand drumming the table, his other hand messing with the pens I usually lay out in a specific order.  Groaning, and then flinching at the sound, I quickly looked around, hoping no one heard.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I turned back to glare at him.  He easily met my glare, rolling his eyes after a while.  “You know,” he began, flipping aimlessly through a comic book he thought was okay to bring to the library, “before, it was okay, you know? Kind of cute.  You being unable to concentrate on your studies; too distracted by the cute freshman over there.  Cute.  You were.  Past tense.  Now,” he said, leaning back, crossing his arms, “now it’s gotten pathetic hyung.”

I glared, annoyed, “I’m not here to see him, okay Baek? I’m here to study for a test.” I said, gesturing dramatically to all the text books.

“A test, huh? Weird though.  You’re not taking English this semester?” He said, resting his chin on his knuckles, looking a mix between extremely amused, and being far from it.  Which is strange, considering he usually finds my whole life to be some kind of joke.  (Also how does his face do that?)

Now though, I actually want him to, so that I wouldn’t have to face the fact that he is sort of maybe, just a little... right.

Groaning aloud as softly as I could and knocking my head against the table, I whined internally, unable to lie my way through it this time.  I somehow managed to find that one spot not covered by books, resulting in a loud bang across the library.  Flinching, I caught the glare of the librarian, a young guy who took this job very seriously.  That or, he was just a stressed out student.  At this point, I wasn’t so sure anymore.

Inconspicuously, I glanced at the table at the back, surrounded by a few shelves of English literature.  Coughing softly and noting that I hadn’t raised the attention of the only person at the table, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Baekhyun snorted unattractively (‘excuse you, everything I do is attractive’), resulting in me glaring, yet again.  The only facial expression I really ever find myself with when he’s around.  He rolled his eyes, and leaned across the table, hands folded in front of him, and looking as if he were about to explain to a child why one should be quiet in the library.

The gall of some people, honestly.



He gave me that are you an idiot look, which is really degrading considering this is Baekhyun we’re talking about.  Though at this point, even I had to admit I was being a bit ridiculous.

“And childish.”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“You were talking out loud, again.  Really attractive,” he commented, checking his nails, like he’s the antagonist in some drama, “you should learn to control that, use it selectively.  Especially when you want, like, let’s say, around Jongin.  ‘Hi Jongin.  I think you’re really attractive but stupidly cute and clumsy.  I come to the library just to stare at you—”

“No, I don’t!”

“—when I think no one’s looking even though the whole world can see.  I even picked this table where I can see you clearly from the spot you always sit in,”

“That’s a blatant—”

“—since I know it’s impossible from any other angle.’”

I tried really hard not to pout, to not act as childish as I was being, but judging from the look on his face, I obviously failed.

“Actually, don’t say that.  That just makes you sound creepy.” He finished, sparing me no sympathy this time.

“He could have a soul mate already, you know?” I asked, quietly, already resigned.  Going up and talking to him would be impossible.  Besides, talking to him wasn’t something I actually wanted to do.  But looking at Baekhyun, he seemed to be waiting for me to say something along those lines.

“That’s just not me.  I’m comfortable this way.  And the rejection if I did try would have been too much Baek. The embarrassment would be unbearable.”  The shame, I thought forlornly.

“And the regret? No, that’s wrong; I know you can live with regrets.  Come on hyung.  It’s just.  It’s just talking to him.  Say hi.  Or even just—just ask his opinion on a book.  Approach him when you see him browsing the shelves.” Baekhyun ran a hand through his hair, frustrated.  I was, too.  Some days I wish I could be like him, like Baekhyun.  Outgoing and daring.  This was one of those days.

“Just.  Say something hyung.  Do something.  This whole situation—” He cut off abruptly when a rolled up textbook hit the back of his head.  Jongdae, his soul mate, and my best friend, stood behind him, looking amused, and fond.  Though he’d never admit that to anyone.

Jongdae.” Baekhyun whined, holding his head dramatically.  Jongdae laughed softly, the only one of the two with any respect for the library, and took a seat next to him, placing his books on the table.

“So, what are you bothering Joonmyun hyung about this time?” he asked, feigning boredom, leaning backwards in his chair.  I grinned.  Baekhyun pouted.

“Why am I always the one picking on him? He could—”

“Yeah, I don’t think so.” Jongdae deadpanned, cutting him off, before he could go off on a tangent of how wronged he feels.

Baekhyun’s pout went full out, a whine under his breath along with complaints of traitor, my so-called soul mate, potato head, cat—

Laughing, Jongdae turned to me, “So, stalking the freshman again?”

“Aha!” Baekhyun yelled, slamming his fist on the table, resulting in several hisses across the library.  He slouched in his seat, red tinting his ears.  Catching movement in the corner of my eye, and noticing that he was also staring, I slid as far down in my seat as I could without being completely on the floor.

“Idiot.” Jongdae said, flipping through his books.  Me or Baekhyun, I wondered offhandedly.  Looking at Baekhyun, he looked like he was thinking the same thing.  There was a bit of silence, and Jongdae looked between the two of us, and, “Oh.  Idiots.  I meant idiots.  Plural.”

I snorted, and turned back to my books.

Though I always hid as best as I could, trying to ignore that heavy feeling in my stomach, even hiding it from myself, I couldn’t anymore.

I don’t know when I first started noticing him.  Like, really noticing him.  Jongin.  It couldn’t be more than six months since I first saw him.  And it’s only been seven months since he’s been here.

His pouty lips when he’s studying, always looking like a sleepy puppy, rubbing his eyes, glasses always askew.  The way his whole face seems to crinkle; from his eyes to the corners of his lips, when I see him laughing in the hallways.  Loud, ridiculous laughs that really couldn’t be considered attractive, but always gets my stomach tingling.  Graceful on stage, yet clumsy the rest of the time, having witnessed him trip over the same pair of stairs three times in one day.  Bashful and cute and embarrassed all wrapped into a package that shouldn’t be allowed to the look the way it does.  Dark eyes, a slightly crooked nose, plush lips, longish straight black hair, tall and lean, and just... too much.

Sighing, I found myself staring at him, and about to look away, I saw him twisting an invisible thread around his pinky.



I felt something drop to the bottom of my stomach, and chastised myself.  Don’t be ridiculous.  I should’ve known, I wasn’t hoping for something to happen anyway but—

I should’ve known.

Sighing again, I turned back to my English textbooks, which I really didn’t need.  I should have brought something that I was actually studying.  Glancing across the table, I found both Jongdae and Baekhyun staring at me.  Flushing, I lowered my head, feeling ashamed.

“Joon—” Baekhyun broke off, and I peeked at them through my bangs.  I didn’t have to see to know the expression Jongdae would be wearing.  Slightly tilted lips, eyebrows straight; sadness and regret.  He rested his arm on Baekhyun shoulder, and steered him in the direction of the exit.  Baekhyun took the hint, and packing his comics, he left, looking back once.

Looking at Jongdae, he smiled at me.  He reached across the table to rest his hand on mine.  “I know how you feel about things.  And I know how you feel about this, even if I don’t really understand.  But what I do understand is that you really like him.  Not just the tiny crush you keep telling everyone, including yourself.  Just.  Try saying something, even once.  Even in passing.  Okay? I’ll see you later.” He said, waving as he walked away, still smiling softly.

I turned back to my book, a little angry, absentmindedly tugging at my string.  As if I didn’t know.  How could I not know that this was more than a crush? The fact that I couldn’t stop thinking about him, and his silly laugh when I haven’t even ever said a single word to him? I felt bitter, just thinking about it.

And glancing at him now, the sun softly highlighting his profile, and illuminating the dust moats floating around him, glasses slipping down his nose, I remember the scariest thought I had about him.

I had hoped I never met my soul mate, if it would mean I’d stop feeling the way I do about him.

I wrapped my left hand around my right, fingers caressing the red string there, always a light tugging to be felt.  Resting my lips on my knuckles, I whispered a soft sorry.  Sorry I wished that.  Sorry.

Breathing deeply, I stood up, ready to leave, suddenly feeling tired.  I’d like to blame Baekhyun, really, I’d like to blame him for everything.  But that would be too childish.

And well, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t trip over air, and find all my books scattered on the floor.  For a moment I just stared, and then sighed, bending, and packing them in order.  Kick me when I’m down why don’t you.

Not expecting help, I jumped a bit when another hand joined, helping me pick up my books.  Confused, I looked up, right into dark brown eyes.  I felt a breath choke in my throat; a flush worked its way across my cheeks.

(If I had been able to pay attention, I would have seen a soft flush working its way across his cheeks too.)

“Thanks.” I managed to say, accepting the books he picked up, and ready to flee from close proximity.

Don’t just walk away! That sounded annoyingly like Baekhyun, and when have I ever listened to him?

“Thanks.” I said again, and made my way to the library entrance.  Safely outside, and putting some distance between me and the library, I felt myself breathe a sigh of relief.

“Ha, I’m safe.  Breathe.” I whispered, putting my hand over my heart and willing it to calm down.

“Um, sorry?” I heard behind me, and turning around, I found myself staring at him again.

Not safe, not safe!

“You dropped this.” He said, handing me my English dictionary.

“Oh,” I managed to say, “thanks.”

“No problem.” He said, smiling and handed me my book.

I reached for it, still looking at him, and smiling once, I turned to leave.  But I hardly made it a few steps away when he stopped me again.

“Wait.” He said, sounding breathless.

Stopping, and turning around, I wondered what he might want from me.  I mean, unless he had another book of mine somewhere, it seemed unlikely that he could want anything from me.

But when I looked at him, he kept looking at me and back at his hand in wonder.  Confused, I looked at his hand too.  Nothing looked out of the ordinary, just his hand.  Looking closer, I saw his red string too, but that’s also nothing out of the ordinary, everyone has one.

...but I shouldn’t be able to see his red string.  Heart beating, I looked at him again, and saw him smiling slightly at me.  Glancing at his hand again, I followed his string with my eyes; my breath ragged and choked sounding, heart pounding in my ears.  I followed his string, all the way to—

Everything seemed to go quiet, only a dull echo resounding.

— all the way to—

— to my hand.

To my hand.

“Oh.” I found myself saying.

“Yeah.” I heard him reply, and glancing up at him, I saw a small smile on his face.



“Oh my god.”

“I know.”

“Oh my god!”

“I know!”

“Wow,” Jongdae said, looking between me and Baekhyun, “honestly, who could have seen this coming? You and Jongin.  Wow.  Soul mates.” Drinking from a bottle of water, he seemed unable to wipe the awe off his face.

“I know!” I whined, dragging my hands down my face.

“Oh my god!” Baekhyun yelled again, slamming his fists on the cafeteria table this time, drawing the attention of even the cafeteria staff.

“Shut up, Baek.” I hissed.

He glared at me, unembarrassed to have everyone’s attention on him.  And then, seemingly unable to word what he had to say, he waved his hands around dramatically, and gestured wildly between me and him, as well as all around the cafeteria.  Slightly red in the face, he glared at me again, and hissed.

“What are you exactly?” Jongdae said, leaning back in seat and looking far too amused.

“If you had listened to me from the start, and spoke to him when I told you to, do you even realize?!” Baekhyun said, still seemingly unable to get a grip on all the words he wants to say.

Breathing deeply, I let it out slowly, zoning out slightly.

“This is all good and well, but,” Jongdae began, looking at Baekhyun with raised eyebrows, Baekhyun still not really getting a grip on himself, “what are you planning on doing now? Going about whatever you plan on going about.  Now you cannot not talk to him, you know?” Jongdae said, wiggling his eyebrows at me.

“I know.” I say, for what feels like the thousandth time today.  At this point, I really had nothing else to say.

Baekhyun, apparently, was not as speechless as I was.

“Are you kidding me?!” with another fist against the table.

Finishing up my last class of the day, with Jongdae, we headed home.  And even though Jongdae was as good a roommate as he was a best friend, Baekhyun was unfortunately included in the package.  So, seeing Baekhyun waiting outside of class wasn’t a big deal at all.  However, who he was talking to, was a whole other issue.

“Oh no.” I moaned, hanging my head.

“Oh, come on hyung.  Baekhyun wouldn’t say anything.  He’s not that bad.” Jongdae said, patting me on the shoulder.

“Remember when Chanyeol told Baekhyun about The Thing we never speak about?” I asked, sounding incredulous.

Jongdae went quiet, face falling, “Oh.”


“Maybe we should—Baekhyun!” Jongdae called, waving animatedly.  Baekhyun looked confused at his enthusiasm, but waved back even more wildly.

Jongin looked up, eyes behind glasses which were always too low on his nose, having fallen.  Meeting his eyes, I smiled awkwardly.  He grinned beautifully, waving shyly.

God, he’ll be the death of me.

“Oh.  Hyung.  Jongin here was looking for you.” Baekhyun said excitedly, looking pleased at Jongin’s flustered reaction.  Jongin looked as if he had no idea what to do in this situation, even though he apparently came looking for me.

Empathizing with him, I tried to ease some of the awkward tension off his shoulders.

“Hey, Jongin,” I said, trying not to blush at actually saying his name, trying not to wonder how he knew which class I had, trying not to over think anything--“what are you doing here? Is there something you wanted?”

“Oh,” he said, looking between me, Baekhyun and Jongdae, and the ground, “um—I just thought maybe—um- study.  We could?” he said, smiling shyly, looking beautiful, and it’s just not fair how easy it is for him to do this to me.

“Wow.  Jongin, you’re just as awkward as Joonmyun hyung.” Baekhyun laughed, Jongdae grimacing slightly beside him.

“Baekhyun, I actually needed you to help me with something.” Jongdae said, pulling Baekhyun away.

“Wait.  No—I wanted to talk—” Baekyun started.

“Next time.  At this rate, with you, there won’t be a next time, so let’s go.” Jongdae said, cutting him off and physically dragging him away this time.

“No—” Baekhyun’s whines could be heard from right down the hallway.

Sighing, I glanced at Jongin, seeing him staring at his shoes, feet shuffling every now and then.  How is he the same person who lures people in with his breathtaking performances?

“So,” I started, watching his head snap up, and eyes widening, “you wanted to... study together?” I asked.

“Oh.  Yeah.  If you—um.  If you—if you wanted to? I always see you, so I—so I thought.  Maybe?” Jongin said, looking at me, shy but determined, looking all kinds of mixtures of adorable, and awkward and cute, and just

He’s really bad with words.  And it’s not supposed to be cute.  At least not this cute.

“Oh.  Sure.  We could study sometime.” I said, trying to ease the situation.  This has got to be a first for me, I thought, being outwardly this cool and calm and collected.  This almost never happens to me.  Wait.  This has never happened to me—


Blinking, and feeling my ears burn, I groaned internally, and asked, “Sorry? Could you repeat that?”

“Oh,” Jongin blinked, “do you think we can meet tomorrow afternoon?”

“Sure.” I replied, still holding my cool.  Should I ask for his number? Would that be too greedy? But seeing him shuffle his feet awkwardly, and glancing between me and the ground again, I thought maybe, it wasn’t just me.

“Do you want to exchange numbers?” I asked.

His blinding smile was worth it.

We met at the library the next day.  And the day after that, and the day after that.  And it became a pattern, meeting everyday at the library, and texting every night before going to bed.  It was sickeningly sweet, is what Baekhyun said, but I found that I didn’t mind at all.  I’d take all the teasing and more, if I could keep Jongin’s smile.  And the way he crinkles his nose.  And the way he has to stop himself from laughing in the library, his laugh too loud.  And the way his glasses keep sliding down his nose, no matter how many times he pushed them back up.

And that’s how my days were filled.  Longer conversations in the library, sometimes getting absolutely no studying done.  The way I sometimes caught him staring at me.  And the way he sometimes caught me staring at him.  Eyes immediately turned back to books which weren’t really being read, fingers twitching.

My nights ended the same way, too.  Long conversations at night, until someone fell asleep.  And even now, I’d have no idea what we were talking about anyway.  But I liked it.  I liked him.  But I already knew that.  But maybe- maybe he liked me, too.

We started meeting outside the library, naturally.  At lunch, in the cafeteria.  And even though Jongin would still blush, he’d take all Baekhyun’s teasing in stride, eyes glancing at me.  Sometimes, I’d catch myself staring at him even longer than I used to, and I’d pray it wasn’t too obvious how much I liked him, at least not to him, not yet.  But then I’d meet Jongdae’s eyes, and I’d flush all the way to my feet.

Jongin, so sweet, and so so shy, was determined in his own way.  Stronger and braver than I could ever be.  Sometimes, walking about, to cinemas, or restaurants, or for ice cream, or wherever really, our hands would brush.  Startled, and not used to it, we’d jump away everytime.

Until we didn’t.

Until Jongin would lightly twine our pinkies together.

Or run his fingers over the back of my hand.

And then our ring fingers.

And then we were walking, hand in hand, fingers intertwined.

But he was a kind of an adorable contradiction, too.  Because, as soon as I worked up the courage to take his hand, or run my fingers along his, or his arm, or his palm, his breath would stutter, cheeks flushing, and he’d be a ball of clumsiness.  I couldn’t help laughing, but I made sure to squeeze his hand.

And his smiles, oh his smiles, they were all worthwhile.

And I just.  I was happy.  So happy.  And seeing him smiling at me, so blindingly, I couldn’t help but believe he was happy, too.

We got closer yet, in the way where our silences weren’t awkward anymore.  And that was one of the best parts.  So, it wasn’t too strange to invite him over for dinner and a movie.  More comfortable for the both of us, neither of us really out going people.  But also more personal, more intimate.

“It’s about time.” Baekhyun exclaimed, after I told them (just Jongdae, really) about inviting him over.  I rolled my eyes, wiggling my socked toes in the carpet.

“What are you so scared of?” Jongdae asked, looking at me, honestly curious.  “What do you think is going to happen? What is he going to see that’s going to chase him away, exactly? Your clothes piled up on your bed? Your array of shoujo manga? You guys are like an old married couple already, and I’m not saying that to tease.  So unless you’re a murderer, or into animal cruelty, I doubt there’s anything you could do to dim the stars he has in his eyes when he looks at you.”

Looking at Jongdae, sitting across from me, eyes serious, and earnest, I exhaled shakily.

“You really think so?” I asked, quietly, feeling small.

“Yes.  And I can’t stress that enough.  You’re perfect hyung, just the way you are.  I wouldn’t want to change anything about you.” Jongdae said, smiling, eyes disappearing in crescents.

“It’ll be fine.  You’ll be fine.” Baekhyun added, smiling at me, and smiling so sweetly at Jongdae, earning him a grin in return.


Having Jongin over was—was something special.  And even though nothing special really happened, it just was.  I have no idea how to explain.  Seeing so much more of him, his quirks, his uncontained smiles, everything, made me feel so warm and happy.  And hearing his ridiculous laugh, which he just couldn’t contain sometimes, I didn’t know what to feel anymore.  They’re not stopping.  All these feelings; love, warmth, happiness, comfort.  I had no idea what to do with them anymore.

[I swear it’s you
I swear it’s you
I swear it’s you
That my heart beats for.]

Settling next to each other on the couch, and watching movies I wasn’t really paying attention to, he was too close (was he paying any attention?).  And breathing in the scent I’ve gotten used to, I couldn’t stop myself from leaning closer, touching more than just the occasional brush of fingers.

Hearing his breath hitch at the slightest movement made me unreasonably happy.  But slowly, he moved closer, too, and eventually, I found myself with my head resting on his shoulder, and his head resting on mine, nothing felt more natural than right here, and now.

And later, while dozing off, I felt his lips pressing against the top of my head.  I knew I couldn’t imagine that.  My imagination could never feel the butterflies I felt, all in a flurry, inside.

And falling asleep, and waking up the next morning, lying on the couch, my back to his front, my head resting on his arm, and his other arm wrapped tightly around my waist, his breath blowing warm air into my neck.  And covered with a blanket, and feeling so right in this tiny cocoon of warmth, and I wondered, as I wiggled a bit, just to feel his arms tighten around me, burying his head further in my neck, if there could ever be anything more perfect than this.

I was still awkward.  Not sure how to share myself, what to share, how much to share.  Still so awkward.  And Jongin knew somehow, and he would just smile, whenever it seemed like I was about to stumble somehow.  Whenever I thought I was about to mess up.  But I would get better.  For him, I would change the world.

But later on, watching him sleepily eating some toast, but reaching for my hand when I sat down, and smiling that smile of his, I knew nothing could be more perfect than this.

And somehow, he was mine.

And I was his.

“Have you ever been in love before?” Jongin asked, softly drumming his pencil against his book.  He sat across from me, legs folded underneath him, chin propped against his palm, glasses sliding down his nose, elbow against the coffee table.  I looked at him, always finding myself breathless, at his quiet beauty.

Swallowing slightly, I answered softly, “Yeah.”

“Oh.” He said, putting his pencil down.  Not knowing what to do, or if I was supposed to say anything else, I turned back to my book.  And for a while, it was quiet again.

“Once,” he started, sounding hesitant, even quieter than he usually is, “once I thought that maybe, maybe my soul mate fell in love with someone else, and didn’t want to find me.  Maybe he wished to never meet me.” A soft laugh, followed by a sigh.

“I was getting used to being alone, my friends already found their soul mates, and it was easy to make up and imagine different reasons, different reasons why we never met; playing with different scenarios in my head.  But that one kept me up at night sometimes.  It’s kind of ridiculous, I know.” He said, laughing softly, in that way where he thought what he felt was silly and unimportant, running a hand down the back of his neck.

Ridiculous, huh? Not so ridiculous, I thought, looking at him, lacing and unlacing his hands.  Since I did wish once, it hardly seems that ridiculous.  I could never tell him, but I didn’t want that.  I wanted to tell him this.

“I did, once.” I said quietly, peeking at him.

He looked confused; until I saw the hurt and sadness make its way into his eyes.

“Oh.” Is all he seemed to be able to say.

“I was in love with him, and looking back now, it makes a whole lot more sense than it did then.” I said, leaning back, wanting to meet his eyes.  But this once, it was Jongin who wouldn’t meet my eyes.

“Oh.  You don’t have to tell me.” He said, his smile looking the most pained I’ve seen it.

“I know.  But I want to.  I don’t know when I first fell in love with him, without ever talking to him, but I did.  He was just... so beautiful, to me.” I said, still looking at him.  He was looking at his hands, anywhere but at me.

“I thought meeting my soul mate would make me forget how I felt, and I didn’t want that.”

“It’s okay.  You can stop now.” He said, fingers squeezing and turning white.  Please stop.

Breathing deeply, “I didn’t want—”

It’s okay!—”

“—to lose how I felt about you.”

His eyes snapped up to meet mine, his breath whooshing out of him.  Feeling braver, needing to feel braver, I leaned across the table, placing a chaste kiss on the corner of his mouth.  He seemed to freeze, eyes going wide, and cheeks staining pink.  I leaned back, and turned to stare at my book, my hands covering half my face, and my bangs covering my eyes.

“Oh.” I heard.  Glancing up, I saw him looking between his book and me, looking star struck.

“You,” he began, cheeks and ears red, twisting his t shirt between his fingers, “you love me?” he asked on a breath, as if it was the most impossible thing he has ever heard.

“You don’t know?” I said, softly, words too precious to be spoken too loud, “You don’t know how beautiful you are to me?” I whispered.

He looked at me, peeking through his bangs, before he got up, and moved from his seat to crouch in front of me.  And twisting his fingers in my sweater, always hesitant, he leaned closer.  He looked at me, pleading me with his eyes (can you meet me halfway?), and leaned down a bit further.  His nose brushed against mine, and I found myself holding my breath.

And then he said, “You’re beautiful to me, too.  You’ve been for a while.” And—


And I met him halfway.

[And it ain’t gonna stop
No it just won’t stop.]

Song lyrics and title taken from One Rebuplic's Won't Stop.
Tags: length: oneshot, member: baekhyun, member: chen, member: kai, member: suho, pairing: chenbaek, pairing: sukai, still not sure about these tags
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